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The Lake Development Authority (LDA) has been a client of GAX since 2010. LDA is a port authority responsible for aiding in local economic development efforts via its incentive program offerings throughout Lake County, OH. LDA manages and operates the Lake County Executive Airport and Fairport Harbor. Fairport Harbor is a deep water maritime port facilitating over 1.5 million tons of both domestic and foreign freight traffic. Additionally, LDA manages the development planning of over 25 miles of Lake Erie lakefront.

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Incentive Financing

LDA offers a single point of access to connect the businesses to the programs and incentives offered by municipal, county, and state governments. GAX has acted as an LDA consultant and project managemer for several economic development projects in the area.

Lost Nation Airport

The Lake County Executive Airport, managed and operated by LDA, serves as a focal point for convenient travel and recreation for both businesses and the community.

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Fairport Harbor

LDA accelerates lakefront commerce by supporting Fairport Harbor, a deep-water maritime port, which facilitates more than 1.5 million tons of foreign and domestic freight traffic annually.

Lake Erie Lakefront

Land-side development planning facilitated by LDA includes trails, bikeways and pedestrian traffic flow.

Beach Run
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